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Mitigate the Damage

Another crucial step is to limit the amount of damage by protecting areas of your property that may have become exposed due to your initial loss and that can become more severely damaged as time goes by.

The first step in any fire or smoke is to stop the deterioration of the structure and stabilize it. To do this we evaluated each home or businesses and make a plan to address each problem.

Time is critical, the longer as structure sets the worse it gets with every day. At H & R we are normally on site before the Fire Department has even left the scene and start Mitigation ASAP. We first secure the property and install any tarps or board up any opening to prevent theft or any liability from trespassing. Next we remove any components to the structure that would cause it to deteriorate. We are a full service restoration company, which allows us to handle all contents and personal property along with the reconstruction of the property. Once all items are removed we then dry any wet framing or structure to stabilize the structure and prevent further damage.

General Guidance

In general the best way to prevent any further damage is to cover any exposed areas that my cause a future leak. H & R can assist with this determination and in all cases the insurance will pay for any preventative measures to protect your property. Normally we will measure and photo any damages prior to installing any tarps or covering up the area so we can provide this to the insurance co.

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