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Water Damage Restoration

If you have suffered a loss due to Water damage H & R General Contractors offers complete residential, multi-family housing, and commercial space contracting services as well as the experience and resources to restore your home and life as soon as possible. H & R will work with you and your insurance company directly to ensure your claim is resolved quickly and accurately.

Determine Your Loss

The critical first step is to determine the extent of your loss. In many cases you may not know what to look for as some of the most costly repairs often result from damage that is not apparent. Our trained specialists can assist with determining the extent of your loss. learn more

Mitigate the Damage

Another crucial step is to limit the amount of damage by protecting areas of your property that may have become exposed due to your initial loss and that can become more severely damaged as time goes by. learn more

Estimate Repairs

Our Technicians will determine the proper amount of drying equipment to put your home or business back to pre-loss condition and assure that all affected areas are dry to ASHREA standards and the base readings of the unaffected areas in your home or business. We normally dry most homes in 3 days and base our billing on a 3 day guarantee. All pricing is based from xactimate estimating software and is the standard estimating software for the insurance companies. learn more

Restore Your Property

H & R will work vigorously to restore your property to its original state. In Most cases we give a 3 day guarantee for drying. learn more

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